About OmniTab


OmniTab is an easy-to-use new tab page plug-in. Features include: website icon addition and management, search engine, cloud HD wallpaper, bookmark management, to-do list, history management, etc., and strive to create excellent interaction and UI interface, Improve its aesthetics and productivity.



Online Installation

Download the package and install it manually

Download the offline installation package to install OmniTab, such as:

  1. Chrome webstore not accessible.
  2. The latest version is still in the review process of the Chrome / Edge extension store and has not been released yet, but you need to use the latest version of it.
  1. the offline installation package

  2. Manual installation

    • If you have already installed OmniTab, and the version of the offline installation package is lower than the version you have installed, uninstall the old version.
    • After downloading the package, open chrome://extensions/ in the Chrome / Edge browser.
    • Open[Developer Mode] This switch is in the upper right corner of Chrome and the lower left corner of Edge.
    • Drag and drop the offline installation package to this page.


Main function


Easy access to frequently used websites. Click the website icon on the new tab page to quickly navigate to frequently used websites. We provide icons for thousands of popular websites. You can also choose to add custom icons and adjust the size, color, layout, etc. of the icons.



HD Wallpaper

Easily change beautiful HD wallpapers. Built-in multiple selected high-definition wallpaper sources, support one-click random switching. You can also upload a local image as wallpaper, and adjust the blur and mask density according to your preferences.


Search Engine

A variety of popular search engines (Google, Baidu, Bing, etc.) for you to switch with one click, greatly improving search efficiency.


Data Synchronization

After registering an OmniTab account with an email, you can automatically or manually back up your data to the cloud, so you no longer have to worry about data loss and account synchronization issues.



To Do

Add to manage your to-do list, arrange your tasks in order, make it easier for you to plan each day.



Easily manage your history with one click, provide retrieval and delete history functions.


Bookmark Management

Easily manage your bookmarks with one click, provide search, delete, edit bookmark functions, and add to the page for quick access.



Beautiful Wallpaper

Easily change beautiful HD wallpapers. Built-in multiple selected high-definition wallpaper sources, support one-click random switching. You can also upload a local image as a wallpaper, and adjust the blurriness and mask density according to your preferences.





What browsers does OmniTab support??

Support Chrome, Edge, QQ browser, 360 browser. In theory, all browsers with the chrome core are supported.。

Why can't the OmniTab icon load?

First of all, make sure that your computer network is connected normally, and you can access the Internet normally. If the icon still cannot be loaded, you can try to modify the DNS to

The Chrome store server is abroad, and you need to surf the Internet scientifically. Friends who cannot surf the Internet scientifically can enter the offline version of the official website.

Why are the versions of various browser platforms not unified?

The webstore review speed of each browser is inconsistent, resulting in inconsistent versions of each platform. Generally, the Edge browser will be slower, but the edge browser can install the extension of the chrome webstore (requires scientific Internet access), so that you can use the latest version.

Will OmniTab update automatically after installation?

  1. Store installation: It will be updated automatically, but it is not 100% automatic update. If you find that the version is inconsistent, you can update it manually in the extension center. Some browsers need to open the developer mode to see the update.
  2. Offline installation: You need to enter the official website to manually download the latest version for installation https://www.omnitab.link/


Service Agreement

Privacy Agreement

Privacy Policy

Thank you for your use, this privacy agreement applies to all products and services provided by the company, including but not limited to browser extensions, apps, websites, mini programs, etc.

Protecting our users' private data is a major responsibility of ours, and this Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how to manage your information.

Why we collect information

  1. You can choose whether to enable the data synchronization function when using the product. If you use it, you need to store the information in our server through the account system for multi-terminal synchronization.
  2. Help us to continuously improve the quality of existing products and services and ensure that users can use them better.
  3. Help improve the security and reliability of the service. This includes detecting and preventing fraud, abuse, security risks and technical issues that could harm you or the public.

The information we collect includes

Activity data generated when you use our products and services.

By collecting and analyzing your activity data in the process of using our products and services, we can better understand the usage of users, so as to make corresponding improvement measures.

This includes: your custom settings for our products, such as wallpapers, icons, etc.; your text content stored locally or in the cloud, such as to-do items, notes, etc.; your interaction information with our products and services, such as IP addresses, crash reports, system activity, frequency of site and feature usage, your feedback, comments you post, etc.

The statistics of user operation data in this entry are only for optimizing our products and services, and we will not disclose it to any third party unless with your consent.


Before accepting OmniTab services, visitors must read these terms carefully and agree to this statement. The behavior of visitors visiting this website and using this website in various ways will be regarded as unanimous approval of the entire content of this statement; if there is any objection, please contact this website immediately. negotiate with the website and obtain the written consent of this website.

  1. Visitors must act in good faith and with caution when engaging in all behaviors related to this website (including but not limited to visiting, browsing, using, reprinting, publicity and introduction); Damage or weaken various legal rights and interests of this website, and shall not use this website in any way to directly or indirectly engage in behaviors that violate Chinese laws, international conventions and social morality, and visitors should abide by the following commitments :

    • The transmission and use of information conform to Chinese laws, international conventions, and public order and good customs;
    • Do not use this website and its related network services for illegal or illegal purposes;
    • Do not disturb and disrupt this website and its related network services;
    • Comply with the agreements, regulations, procedures and practices of this website and related network services.
  2. The website information included in this site comes from the Internet and is added by users. Copyright disputes have nothing to do with this site. The advertisements that may appear in the navigation website have nothing to do with this site. Please identify by yourself. If you find illegal or infringing websites, please let us know. , I will delete it as soon as possible.

  3. The content of this website only represents the author's own views, not the views and opinions of this website, and has nothing to do with this website, and the author is responsible for it.

  4. Without the mutual consent of this website and the author, any other organization shall not infringe the copyright of its works in any form, including but not limited to: unauthorized copying, linking, illegal use or reprinting, or building works in any way mirror.

  5. When this website recommends the content of other websites in the form of links, this website is not responsible for the availability of these websites or resources, and does not guarantee any content, products, services or other materials obtained from these websites. The authenticity and legality of this website, this website shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss caused (or alleged to be caused) by the use of or reliance on the content, products, services or other materials obtained from such websites or resources. assume any responsibility.

  6. For some personal information provided by visitors when registering on this website, this website will not disclose any information of users to any party in any way except with your own consent.

  7. When government departments, judicial authorities, etc. require this website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide personal data as required by law enforcement agencies or for the purpose of public safety. Any disclosure under this circumstance, this website shall be exempted from responsibility.

  8. This website is not responsible for any leakage of personal data caused by users informing others of their personal passwords or sharing their registered accounts with others.

  9. Some of the content of this website comes from the Internet. If you inadvertently infringe the intellectual property rights of any media, company, enterprise or individual, please call or write to inform us. Delete and other related processing, if there are issues such as copyright fees, please provide relevant certificates and other materials in a timely manner and contact us, and resolve disputes through friendly negotiation and the principle of fairness and justice.

  10. OmniTab reserves the final right to interpret the contents of the above statement.